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12 Useful Chalk Paint Tips for Beginners!

Here i have compiled a list of useful tips to help YOU avoid some of my mistakes. I love learning and feel i have learnt so much and i keep learning all the time after starting my painting business.

There are so many fun things to learn about with DIY.

You live and you learn. Or you look up posts so you dont have to suffer, haha not me though i like the pain apparently.

Come join me and learn some clever tips i have learnt along the way.

1. Water is your best friend when you are using chalk paint. It is a must, if you want a smooth finish you will be using alot during the process of painting. I started out with a normal spray bottle and then went over to a mist style spray bottle which is much better. This makes the whole process much easier and smoother 😉

2. Do not mix water and paint in the can it will rust, I wasted the rest of my Paris grey doing this, booo!!! haha

3. You do not need special brushes to use Chalk paint. Any brush will get the paint on. There are however brushes that you might think are better. I have a few favorites 🙂 However some techniques are done better with certain brushes. Blending for example would not produce the same results with a chip brush.

4. The finished look becomes a shade or two darker after you have waxed the project. So make sure you take this into consideration when choosing your colour of paint. Or alot darker with some colours like graphite. Check out others work to see the end results.

5. It can work out cheaper to buy neutral colours in larger versions and stick to smaller cans of the more flamboyant colours. I have made this mistake too many times. There are too many beautiful colors. I end up mixing colours alot and it usually involves alot more neutral paint then the bright stuff.

6. It is not necessary to use lots of paint when using chalk paint. The 1st coat is for coverage and the 2nd is for perfecting the finish. Most of the time.

7. Another tip which i always forget until i remember is to wet my brush, it makes for a much easier clean up. It also works in the same way as misting does. And helps to make the chalk paint go on smoother and in turn helps it spread easier. Though squeeze the water out of the brush before you paint.

8. Put can of paint upside down for 20mins and shake can a little and your ready to paint. It is important to mix the paint together properly.

9. When blending with chalk paint it is not blended properly unless the colours flow together. It can be better to use colours that are similiar rather then trying to force completely different colours together.

10. Chalk paint can be mixed, there are endless possibilities. Produce some gorgeous shades of your favourite colours.

11. Something that is so amazing with chalk paint is that the paint is water based. The clean up is so easy. That even a messy painter can enjoy the clean up. I never have to worry too much about where i do my projects. In my kitchen. on my dinning room table etc. I love the freedom it gives me.

12. Work in small sections at a time, the chalk paint dries quickly and i feel i have more control over the paint if i do one draw at a time or just the top for example.

Hope these tips will help you guys. The journey of using chalk paint can be a little frustrating sometimes. But so fun!

Have a great day and be happy!

Anna x

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