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Duck Egg Blue Corner Cuboard. Step by step guide!

Painted with chalk paint colors Duck Egg Blue and Old white. Finished with white wax. Beautiful detailing. Lets go through the process together.

Join me!

As i guide you through the steps to create this beauty.

This corner cuboard was picked up off Fb marketplace for free.

Which is always a plus!!!!

It has some beautiful carvings on the top and doors. I picked this up off a man who was moving. It had been in his family for a long time. He was happy that it was going to someone who loved it.

I wanted to brighten the cuboard up and emphasis the carvings. Since this was such a focal point.

Step 1.

I started by washing with a heavy duty cleaner (like TSP) after i wiped over with water to remove any left over cleaning product.

Step 2.

I then started sanding the surface lightly with 220 grit sandpaper, just to rough up the surface. I did this so that the paint would adhere. Sometimes when the surface is too smooth the paint has nothing to stick to.

Step 3.

I used tape to cover the edges of the inside. So that the lines would be nice and neat.

Step 4.

I then painted 2 layers of the Duck Egg blue. I used a mist spray bottle while i was painting so that the paint would spread smoothly. I used a Angled sash (cutting brush) to get into all the edges and get a smooth finish.

I love using this type of brush! With chalk paint. I also used a small roller. This makes the finish very smooth.

It took me a little time to get used to the roller, however now that part goes super quick.

Step 5.

I dry brushed over the carvings with Old White. Dry brushing is when you use very little paint on the brush and lightly brush over the area. You can wipe away any excess paint so there is little paint left on the brush. I usually use a cheap chip brush for this.

I painted the inside white with (Old white) and waxed with clear wax. I dont believe i would do this again, it took a long time and no one really sees the inside, however it looks very nice so….

Step 6.

I decided to distress the cuboard before i waxed, i did this so i had a little more control. I like the idea of being able to correct if i made a mistake. I was a little unsure of the aim of this project when i started this part.

At first i thought i was going to leave it undistressed haha…. unsure how to discribe that.

Step 7.

I then used clear wax on the main part of the cuboard and white wax on the details. I used a wax brush and wiped the product off with a lint free cloth, until the cloth ran over the surface smoothly.

There really are some lovely carvings on this cuboard. What do you think of the end result? Have you got any questions about how i have achieved this look?


Hope you liked my post.

Anna x

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