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Romantic Night Stand Makeover Idea (2022)

Simple Romantic Night Stand Idea. These gorgeous 1920s night stands were outdated, but had solid bones so i decided to give them a Romantic Makeover.

For this project i used black and brown chalk paint by Annie Sloan in the colors Graphite and Honfluer. The tops have been finished with a water based polyurethane and the bodies are finsihed with dark wax also by Annie Sloan.

This has given them a sultry romantic effect.


I love using Re Design with Prima transfers! They are soooo gorgeous!

They add something special to any piece.

I was very unsure of keeping these for myself, I kind of think im a little crazy sometimes but i fall hard for furniture…. I think its so beautiful and can sit and stare at pieces for probably too long. I recently realised i am eyeing up other peoples furniture now as well yay…. I see pieces and think ohh wouldnt that look nice like this.

These were a fun project and it was easy to achieve this look.

They remind me of an English cottage, i think they would fit perfectly in a guest room.

These were so old and unloved, they had been stored in a barn. They came from a man who told me they belonged to his parents. He thought they had been given to them when they first got married.

Stage 1.

I gave these nightstands a good wash with my sugar soap spray. I then wiped them down with a clean cloth to remove any cleaning product.

These nightstands were very old but in great condition.

I used an old toothbrush and scrubby sponge to remove any built up dirt and grime.

I always give my projects a once over whilst washing them.

It is a great time to look over them as you are cleaning everywhere anyway.

Stage 2.

I filled in a little mark and a hole with my wood filler and let that dry.


Stage 3.

After cleaning i gave the 2 night stands and the cupboard a good sanding. For these i used a 150 grit sand paper.

This is something i always do with my projects it is important for the paint to adhere to the surface properly.

This seems like an unnecessary stage sometimes, but i can tell you it is not and it saves alot of time later. If you miss this stage and your paint does not stick properly you end up with a much bigger project on your hands.

Once you get into the flow of it this sanding stage it is no big deal. I almost like doing it now, knowing it is saving me time.

Stage 4.

Because i am painting this project black i am not going to use any primer. I instead went straight onto adding my first layer of Graphite.

I used a technique called Stippling which adds texture to the piece. I love this effect as it adds something special to a project.

For this you use an old brush and you dab your paint brush up and down on the project.

This is what i ended up with.

Stage 5.

I cut out the transfer and held it up where i wanted it to be. I then marked the furniture so i would roughly know where i was putting the transfer.

I then painted the shape of the transfer with Honfluer a medium brown chalk paint.

I let the paint dry and added some old white where the transfers where going to be. This helps the transfer be more visible.

I then added the transfers.

Stage 6.

After this had dried i used the stippling brush to lightly and carefully add more graphite around the transfer to fade in the transfer. This process was a little trial and error, as i redecided and took away the extra graphite that had ended up on top of the transfer.

This in the end added a faded effect which i liked.

I also ended up adding a little Honfluer here and there. I played around with the stippling technique and almost blending whilst stippling. This is the fun part and you will see what you like yourself. This is what is so great about CHALK PAINT, you have this ability to play with the paint, if you feel like it gets dry you just mist a little water over and start again.

What do you think? Do you like chalk paint? Leave me a comment in the comments section at the bottom of this page. I’d love to hear from you.

Stage 7.

I then did 2 coats of an all in one paint to freshen up the inside of the draws and cupboards. I only do this when it needs to be done. These were very old and had alot of random marks here and there.

Stage 8.

I then used a waxing brush and lint free cloths to wax the bodies of these nightstands and i waxed the whole cupboard.

I finished the tops of the night stands with polyurethane, this is because they are high traffic areas. I know for myself i want to be able to put a glass of water on my night stands without worrying about ring marks on the waxed surface. That will happen.

When i use wax i work in small sections at a time. Going from one side to the other. Working the wax in, i go in circular motions first then back and forewards. This is to make sure the wax is on every part and also to avoid any uneveness in the finish.

I then used a lint free cloth to wipe away the excess wax. I like to wipe alot, I had a project remain tacky after i had finished it. It is very important to wipe away any excess product so that the end result is smooth to the touch.

This takes some practice, but it is worth it in the end.

The tops ended up being a little shiny. Looks worse then it was. But at least they will last for many years to come.

I hope you liked this post. I would love to hear what you think. Leave me a comment in the comments section down below.

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Have a great day!

Anna x

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