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Step by step guide to updating an old mirror.

This old mirror was lacking any magic! So i transformed it. Step by step guide to this magical mirror makeover.

I love finding interior objects that are tired, chipped and unloved. And turning them into treasures. I have always loved finding pretty seashells at the beach. And collecting sparkle things from wherever i visit. My home is filled with little treasures that i have found along the way.

I picked this up in a brukt (Goodwill type) shop and was not quite sure what my plan was.

It always takes a little thinking before the piece speaks to me and tells me what it wants.

It was a heavy mirror made out of some kind of plaster. It had been painted with a black shiny latex paint which was chipped. The moment i saw it i saw potential. I love the curves and detailing.

How it turned out –

Step 1.

I first started by washing the mirror thoroughly. I used the norwegian version of TSP, a strong cleaning liquid which cuts through dirt and grime. This is very important when repainting furniture or interiors. As over the years alot of dirt builds up and can effect the end result.

Step 2.

I then painted a layer of Ambusson blue AS. I covered the entire mirror in this dark greenish blue colour. I let this layer dry and then added a layer of Svenska blue and let that dry.

Step 3.

I then used a process called dry brushing. This is using a paint brush with very little paint on it and lightly brushing it over the raised details. I always end up brushing the paint brush on some newspaper until i think all the paint is off the brush. That is usually when it is ready to use. Otherwise it is very easy to use too much paint. It is much easier to build the layers up then trying to remove them after. I brushed on Louis blue and old white. This is done slowly and i end up building up the layers until i am happy with the outcome. The fun thing here is to play with the paint.

Step 4.

I let each colour dry inbetween coats which doesnt take long with so many thin coats. I then got a rag and wet it slightly and rubbed it gently in different plaves on the mirror. In the photos you can see where the old black colour is peaking through. I loved the effect that was created, what do you think?

Step 5.

I then finished off with clear wax by Annie Sloan. I used a brush and did small sections at a time wiping away with a lint free cloth afterwards. I use gloves when i apply the wax but i always check every so often to make sure there is no wax residue left on the surface. You shouldnt feel any tackiness.

I left out something that i just noticed, i had not added any gold gilding wax to this when i first took the photos but then i saw on one of the photos above that there is gold on there, what do people think ya or na? i liked it without but then changed my mind! Hmm…..

Thank you for joining me today, i hope you have a great day

From Anna x

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